Sunday, July 20, 2008

Darkest Knight

ok, firstoff, its the best batman movie "ever" yet, second it broke a record on its first week, and did i mention that IT's the best batman/movie yet from a comic book???
the movie is really not an action oriented type which is really surprising because, movies nowadays need to have more action CGI stuffs or needs to be visually appealing, but this movie proved it wrong.

KEVIN SMITH's blog---
" Without giving anything away, this is an epic film (and trust me: based on the sheer size and scope of the visuals and storytelling, that’s not an overstatement). It’s the “Godfather II” of comic book films and three times more earnest than “Batman Begins” (and fuck, was that an earnest film). Easily the most adult comic book film ever made. Heath Ledger didn’t so much give a performance as he disappeared completely into the role; I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but he’ll likely get at least an Oscar nod (if not the win) for Best Supporting Actor. Fucking flick’s nearly three hours long and only leaves you wanting more (in a great way). I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed by it. Nolan and crew have created something close to a masterpiece."

I need to watch this movie again! :-D

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Daniel Andrews said...

That moive is kick ass. Kevin Smith is bang on with his review. Everyone in that film did an exellent job making there roles beliveable, reagarless of who was the biggest trasformation.


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