Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Skrr Skrr

School is back.

 kids going to school twice/3 times a  week (the rest of the week are online class)

Done with Deathstroke arc. That was fun!

Time to fiddle my bike finally!

Went for a ride with my buddy.

Mapita, Aguilar. Nice view.

Also trying to ride at night. I think it helps being in the moment.

We also went to Baguio

Bencab Museum

some snaps


Too much pic on this post.

Here's a Batman painting I did recently too.

Saturday, September 10, 2022


 Road fixing along our street in progress.

It's annoying. But I think it would benefit us since flooding would be less or even so we won't even have since they've made the road higher this time.

Crisis. Well... Oil price hike... Inflation!

On the other hand, covid cases are no longer much concern and things are really getting back to normal.

Face to face classes are already held at schools this time.

I think I've found some new knowledge art wise by watching some sinix videos. 

Maybe if I went to art school I might even be better today. But I am happy to learn new things.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Saturday ride


Had a blast riding out with my buddy and bandmate Mel (our band SOFIA) with his Yamaha decaled Rusi Classic 250 (lol) yesterday at Binmaley-Lingayen Baywalk

I rode with my Honda Giorno scooter I call it chainsaw because it sounds like a chainsaw!

I am not a morning person. I forced myself to wake up really early since it's usually really hot or usually rains in the afternoon.

We had some Pares too.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Top Gun:Maverick


It is refreshing to watch that kind of movie. 

I think I just watched too many superhero movies these last few years maybe that's why.

What's happening these days? 

Well, I am hoping there won't be anymore spike of covid virus.  But things are slowly getting back to normal.

Gas prices are up to the roof! 

The high cost of living in this planet.

I got myself a new proper Strat though lol

Don't worry it doesn't cost that much.

I sold some guitar effects to buy it.

It's old.

It's used.

But it's made in Japan.

It made me think that I bought a samurai forged by great samurai craftsman.

Oh I got interested doing some wood works!

I bought a jigsaw and some other tools.

 It's interesting to build something out from some old used wood that's lying around the back of our house.

Building something is rather satisfying too than just buying stuff.

It exercises the creativity in a way.

                                                                    look at these shit.

I'm proud of it though.

I also built a new house for my pedals. 
Smaller one from my previous

The first pic up there is Green Arrow. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Thursday, February 24, 2022

I drove to Urdaneta today. I find driving and traveling alone kind of boring. I'm not used to it.

Got some Burger Kings too for the wife and kids.

A bit productive today.

Friday, February 18, 2022

 It's 2022.

Let's see...

Pandemic is still here. Good thing though is that the virus isn't that as deadly as before?

At the start it was really worrisome. But I think things are really slowly trying to go back to "normal"

Kids can now go out (here in my country). Hospitalizations and cases aren't that high since the pandemic began.

Seems nothing much happened from the past year.

I keep realizing how much this blogspot felt more "personal" when posting stuff here. 

It feels like no one is reading any of these since people are drenched on the bigger social platforms like facebook and twitter or instagram.

Career? I'm still working for DC comics. I did more covers this time. Also did my first Valiant covers, which was cool!

Music? I've been listening to some early 90's stuff- The Sundays. Also some Malaysian rock bands are interesting- Sevencollar t-shirt/Love me butch.

Well I think I'll post more here. Like travel photos and stuff. 

Oh! Also my first personal funko figure! It's great! haha  

Look at that!

Also this? Looks cool eh?

Also putting this pic of my workstation to remind me of what it looks like lately.

This might change.



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