Sunday, June 19, 2022

Top Gun:Maverick


It is refreshing to watch that kind of movie. 

I think I just watched too many superhero movies these last few years maybe that's why.

What's happening these days? 

Well, I am hoping there won't be anymore spike of covid virus.  But things are slowly getting back to normal.

Gas prices are up to the roof! 

The high cost of living in this planet.

I got myself a new proper Strat though lol

Don't worry it doesn't cost that much.

I sold some guitar effects to buy it.

It's old.

It's used.

But it's made in Japan.

It made me think that I bought a samurai forged by great samurai craftsman.

Oh I got interested doing some wood works!

I bought a jigsaw and some other tools.

 It's interesting to build something out from some old used wood that's lying around the back of our house.

Building something is rather satisfying too than just buying stuff.

It exercises the creativity in a way.

                                                                    look at these shit.

I'm proud of it though.

I also built a new house for my pedals. 
Smaller one from my previous

The first pic up there is Green Arrow. 

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