Friday, June 22, 2012

cm concepts

These were some concepts I did and contributed for the development of the new costume. 

My first try of her in new hair when I first saw the approved new costume and hairstyle by Jamie Mckelvie.
This wasn't precise as I thought it would look


Spider42 said...

Excellent artwork, really like the way you've designed the new look.

Honestly though, I think some part of me really like the first of the costumes in that image, I like her having that "S" kind of logo more than the Captain Marvel star-burst insignia on her costume, it's like her identity vs one co-opted from another.


AlComicsAddicted said...

G morning, sincerely i luv the A-B-C Version u did, the foulard around the neck remind the old suit, the dredd with no sleeves is really really modern and up to our days, more rebel and less superheroical!