Friday, February 18, 2022

 It's 2022.

Let's see...

Pandemic is still here. Good thing though is that the virus isn't that as deadly as before?

At the start it was really worrisome. But I think things are really slowly trying to go back to "normal"

Kids can now go out (here in my country). Hospitalizations and cases aren't that high since the pandemic began.

Seems nothing much happened from the past year.

I keep realizing how much this blogspot felt more "personal" when posting stuff here. 

It feels like no one is reading any of these since people are drenched on the bigger social platforms like facebook and twitter or instagram.

Career? I'm still working for DC comics. I did more covers this time. Also did my first Valiant covers, which was cool!

Music? I've been listening to some early 90's stuff- The Sundays. Also some Malaysian rock bands are interesting- Sevencollar t-shirt/Love me butch.

Well I think I'll post more here. Like travel photos and stuff. 

Oh! Also my first personal funko figure! It's great! haha  

Look at that!

Also this? Looks cool eh?

Also putting this pic of my workstation to remind me of what it looks like lately.

This might change.


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